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May 8, 2010

Health Reform a Sign of Too Much Government to Some

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Protesters of President Obama's Iowa City visit crowd the East lawn of the Old Capitol.


On March 24, a day before President Obama made a visit to the University of Iowa, opponents of the newly-signed healthcare legislation gathered on the Pentacrest to voice their concerns of a Federal government that was expanding in size and infringing on the states’ rights and those of the American citizen.

“Our elected officials strapped us with a bill we, the people, don’t want,” said 2nd District candidate, Christopher Reed. “No more, Mr. President! Not without a fight!”

The gathering of citizens at the Pentacrest included speakers from the Republican candidates looking to challenge incumbent Democrats for their seats at the state and Federal levels. The crowd contained a mixture of Republican and Tea Party supporters.

Waking a Sleeping Giant

Signs littered the crowd showing the disapproval of the healthcare legislation. “You, the voting public, have a lot of think about,” said Reed specifically citing the midterm elections this November. “The government is usurping the Constitution. You have woke a sleeping giant, Washington.”

“Where was our Attorney General?” asked Brenna Finley who is looking to succeed incumbent, Tom Miller. “Tom Miller isn’t protecting your rights.”

A Bill not for the People

Some of those opposed feel that, not only does the bill increase the size of government, but that it also doesn’t do what it says it will do. “People would have to pay for everyone else’s health care, including illegals,” said Minneapolis resident, Jason Nessa.

“It’s a collective-type of bill. It’s a big pharma bailout. If you don’t pay, the government will fine you $15,000 and put you in jail for five years,” Nessa said.

Concern for States’ Rights

Nessa isn’t surprised that 13 state Attorney Generals are suing the Federal government over the new legislation, “It’s [the] government interfering with state affairs. Citizens are the main source of power in our country, not the Federal government.”

But Nessa believes that healthcare shouldn’t put millions of Americans into debt, “The overall system should be free. [People] shouldn’t have to go into debt for medical care. It was free for a long time many years ago.”

However, Nessa thinks healthcare problems should not be handled at the Federal government level, “I want it to be free, [but] states will decide what’s best for the people.”


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